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Category:Item Generation

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Affix Selection
The reason you need to know the Ilvl of something is mostly for use in cube recipes, especially the 3 perfect gem + 1 magical item = new magical item. This one is Ilvl = 100 for the mods, which means the Ilvl remains constant each time. So if you have an Ilvl 50 item it will stay at that level, and not be eligible for higher level modifiers.
When an item is generated that has affixes the Alvl is calculated* from Ilvl and Qlvl as follows: : if (Ilvl>99) then {Ilvl=99}: if (Qlvl>ilvl) then {Ilvl=Qlvl} ;** see note below: if (magic_lvl>0) then {Alvl=ilvl+magic_lvl}: else: {: if (Ilvl<(99-qlvl/2)): then {Alvl=Ilvl-Qlvl/2}: else {Alvl=2*ilvl-99}: }: If (Alvl>99) then {Alvl=99}