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The Diablo II '''Barbarian''' is a master of melee and physical combat. Crushingly powerful in hand to hand combat, the Barbarian boasts very high damage and hit points, natural abilities that raise his resistance and defense, and the ability to share powerful bonuses to his party members with warcries.
==Traits and Abilities==
[[Image:Fetish.JPG|thumb|200px|A fetish barbarian]]
Renowned for their awesome combat prowess as well as their arrogant demeanordemeanour, the Barbarians appear to be perpetually girt for battle. Through harsh conditioning, the Barbarians excel in physical combat and tremendous feats of strength. They derive their power chiefly from intense physical training, but also tap primal energies from the living world around them. They can manifest these or add to their already considerable catalogue of superhuman feats of strength and power.   {{Class_navbox|D2_Barbarian}}
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