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{{Template:Class navbox}}These female warriors are competent with a sword and can hold their own using magic, but their true mastery comes with a bow in their hands. Rogues have the fastest firing rate, best arrow accuracy, and enjoy a hidden to/hit bonus with arrows that makes their archery unmatchable by other classes. Their main statistic is dexterity, of which they an amass a tremendous amount, giving them very high inherent damage and to/hit.
Rogues returned in ''Diablo II'', as the main NPCs of Act One. It was their monastery through which [[the Dark Wanderer]] passed, waking demons and calling forth [[Andariel]], the Maiden of Anguish, to corrupt and defile the Sisters and their stronghold. Rogues can be hired as [[mercenaries]] in Act One, and as part of the game fiction players learn that the rogue character from ''Diablo I'' returned to the Monastery and was corrupted, eventually becoming [[Blood Raven]], a demon archer you must defeat in one of the earliest quests in ''Diablo II''.
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