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{{Class navbox}}These mages are very weak at low levels, but improve rapidly and become devastatingly powerful once they've attained high levels in their combat spells. Sorcerers are best played in [[glass cannon]], style, requiring fast reflexes and constant movement, and are peerless in their killing speed in the Hell levels in Diablo.
Sorcerers are a bit more balanced in [[Hellfire]], at least in the Crypt levels, where monsters are found in wider varieties, and plenty of them are immune to both Fire and Lightning.
The Sorcerer was replaced by the Sorceress as a playable character in Diablo II, though the Iron Wolf [[mercenaries]] of Act Three were clearly modeled after Diablo I's Sorcerer. The game lore went on to say that the Sorcerer character from Diablo became [[the Summoner]], the boss monster found in the Arcane Sanctuary in Act Two.
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