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{{Class navbox}}Warriors can learn the same spells as the other characters in Diablo and Hellfire, and they may use bows as well, but their real strength comes in fighting melee style, with a sword (or mace) and shield. They have the highest hit points and the best damage and swing speed of any character in Diablo (Barbarians match or exceed them in Hellfire), and while they can not clear most levels as quickly as the Sorcerer or Rogue, they are very good party players and are a lot of fun at higher levels.
Warriors were not found in ''Diablo II'', though Barbarians and Paladins could be seen as upgraded, specialized versions of the character. By the official game fiction though, the Warrior was the character who defeated Diablo at the end of the first game, and drove the soulstone into his head. His end was a tragic one, for he was corrupted by Diablo's malignant influence and became [[The Dark Wanderer]], before finally succumbing entirely to the Lord of Terror and perishing with him at the conclusion of Act Four.
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