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Ancients' Way

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|waypoint= Yes
|nearby= [[Frozen Tundra]], [[Icy Cellar]], [[Arreat Summit]]
|quests= [[Rite of Passage (quest)|Rite of Passage]] ''(triggered)''
Ancient's Way is one of the [[level]]s you need to get through to reach the fifth quest, [[Rite of Passage (quest)|Rite of Passage]], and later on, entry to the [[Worldstone Keep]]. In fact, once you advance to the Ancient's Way, the last ice caves level in the game, and then return to [[Harrogath|town]], [[Qual-Kehk]] will be eager to talk to you about it.
He warns of the [[Ancient]]s who are guarding the entry to the [[Worldstone Keep]]. You don't need to talk to Qual-Kehk or anyone about this, however. You can just advance through the Ancient's Way to the [[Arreat Summit]], and do it. This quest seems straightforward, but has a very tricky element in [[Rite of Passage (quest)|Rite of Passage]] you see in no other quest in all of Diablo II...
==Level Information==