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Secret Cow Level

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{| align="right"! <center>Quests Navigation</center>|-| |* [[Quests|Quests Main Page]]** [[Quests Act One|Act One Quests]]** [[Quests Act Two|Act Two Quests]]** [[Quests Act Three|Act Three Quests]]** [[Quests Act Four|Act Four Quests]]** [[Quests Act Five|Act Five Quests]]** [[Special Quests]]*** [[Secret Cow Level]]***[[Pandemonium Events]]|{template:quests}}A favorite joke/absurd rumor from Diablo I, the "Secret Cow Level," packed full of [[Hell Bovine]]s, is a reality in Diablo II -- an Easter Egg/joke that's actually quite fun and profitable. It was so profitable that the Cow Level was the most popular area to "run" in v1.09, thanks to the huge cow herds, good experience, and low danger to players. In v1.10 and later the experience was nerfed and the area is no longer so popular, but can still provide players with some fun and profitable play experiences.
It's also an amusing area to visit, if only for the sight gag of walking cows with polearms, and to hear the voices of the cows. They were recorded by various Blizzard North employees, and must have required many takes to edit out the laughter.

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