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Burial Grounds

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[[image:act1-bloodraven1.jpg|thumb|150px|Blood Raven and her minions]][[image:act1-bloodraven-death1.jpg|thumb|150px|"Rest in peace, sister."]]
The Burial Grounds is the final resting place for the fallen least it used to be. Now it's full of undead for the corrupted rogue captain Blood Raven is resurrecting them as her undead minions.
Two sublevels are located in the Burial Grounds: [[The Crypt]] and the [[Mausoleum]]. Neither are linked to completing a quest but are decent areas for the chance to level up and find additional and possibly useful items.
The Mausoleum in hell difficulty is alvl 85 making it a popular area to clear out for finding the chance to find high-level items.
| colspan="3" align="center" | [[Skeleton]], [[Zombie|Hungry Dead]]
| '''Possible Monster GroupsVariants:'''
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