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I just wanted to add: To make this usefull for highlevel chars, I would recommend extending the skill levels beyond Skill level 20. With only a few items ( i.e. Valk Helm, +2, A skills amulet, +2, Gloves, +2, and a Matricial javlin, its possible to increase the skills to 27, and I have had it as High as 41, 43 with a skills shrine ).( Thunder gods war belt, +2, 2 Stones of Jordan, +2 and Titans revenge brought it to 36, and with the addition of 4 charms, and a Sigons shield, It was lvl 41. Lets be ontop of being realistic about how far things can go? ) Yours, pizzabox9, Killmofasta 11:40, 8 September 2008 (CEST)--