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Regarding modification on 24 February 2010, at 04:02. Some axe damages have changed in the new patch. The following changes were made: Axe 3-11 ---> 4-11 Double Axe 5-12 ---> 5-13 Military Pick 6-10 ---> 7-11 War Axe 8-14 ---> 10-18 Battle Axe 12-28 ---> 12-32 Great Axe 8-26 ---> 9-30 Giant Axe 26-38 ---> 22-45 Military Axe 14-24 ---> 14-34 Also, the stack sizes for throwing axes are different in the new patch. The maximum quantity for both throwing axes and balanced axes is 130, not 32 and 24, respectively. I don't know if the minimum quantities are still correct. All information about the normal axes and the hatchet and military exceptional axes should now be correct. I don't have up to date information about the other exceptional axes and the elites, but some info there might also require an update.

21/11/2010: As of patch 1.13 it seems possible to get Elite items in NM Act III, not only IV/V as stated. Playing SP I had a damaged Matriarchal Bow (Elite Amazon-specific Bow) drop earlier, and then one of the random bosses in an Upper Kurast temple dropped a rare Feral Axe (Elite 2-H Axe). I can't find a general 'items' page to add this, however.