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"Higher level runes can also be upgraded, but only in v1.10 and later and only by single-player, realm, or ladder characters. " Stupid question-- isn't that all of them? Or are there some secret character types I'm missing? Billybobfred 00:26, 11 July 2009 (CEST)

There is Non Ladder and HardcoreAnd7 17:17, 12 October 2010 (EST)

"irregular" repair costs.[edit]

On why some repair bills are huge..

If you've ever wondered why the repairs are just outrageous on some armors and weapons, I invite you to do the following during the daily grind.

1) When you find the Metalgrid, take it to your blacksmith. 2) Click on the repair--not repair-all--and repair the amulet.

There you go! That recharged all the spells in the item, just like it recharges any charged armor or weapon (yet another reason to hate Ethereals) also cost you an arm and a leg. The recharging service is why some items just cost a lot to fix compared to others of the same material. The good news is that that's a one-time bill unless you use the charges again.

Good luck!

normal weapon/armor upgrade?[edit]

i wonder why after all this time, they haven't come up with a cube recipe to upgrade normal quality equipment to elite.(e.g. War Sword > Ancient Sword > Mythical Sword) unless i've been away from the game too long and there's some hidden recipe for it. i guess until that time i'll have to keep looking