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The figures quoted have been lifted from a SP post and do not correspond with Ladder experience, certainly at level 98 where Baal run experience in a full game is approx 63-65k each time (with 10% annihilus) counting 5 acts and Baal as the basis for this). I was part of a Baaling team in season 1 of 1.10 where much empirical evidence for Baal kill experience was gathered as we struggled to 99 (only 10 or 12 chars made it to 99 that first season). My comments refer to level 98 Baal runs.

Minion experience is always about the same with the only variation depending on what is in throne when the TP is opened by the teleporting character.

Baal kill experience itself is subject to two variables: 1) The number of players partied with the actual killer of Baal at the time of the kill. 2) The number of players in the game at the instance the first char enters the Worldstone Keep.

The optimum figure is with 1 or 2 players fulfilling condition 1, and 5 or more players fulfilling condition 2. This is approx 53K a kill and is often referred to as a 2/5 run or kill. Slightly less optimal but still very worthwhile is a 2/4 run/kill which is approx 50k for Baal. Nearly all Baal runners will have 2 players partied for the kill but a high end CS Zon could very easily and quickly solo kill if required. (1/5 or 1/4 runs)

Outside of these parameters the experience from Baal is either appallingly low or catastrophically low as anyone who has ever had to do public Baal runs at level 98 will attest.

The one exception to this is a 3/4 run which produces an almost healthy 40k at Baal for some quirky and unknown reason and this is how the 3 dead heat winners of Season 2 Ladder (US East) managed to achieve their success.

Baal runs on Battle Net are presently restricted to 20 runs per hour (or 3 mins per run) otherwise a 1 hour Realm Down is triggered and whilst it is perfectly possible for a well oiled Baal private Baaling Team to get runs down to nearer the 2 minute mark the trick now is to maximize the experience within the 3 minute time frame. An extra 40K a run can be obtained by killing Diablo on a solo basis in a full game at level 98 and this is very easily achievable by Hammerdins (almost exclusively) at the expense of missing acts 1,2 and sometimes 3 of the minions which only yield a few K experience in any event.

As an alternative (or even in addition) solo killing Nihlathak gives you approx 12k in a full game.

The icing on the cake is if you have a Baaling Team dedicated to your own personal success and who will selflessly prepare Diablo and Baal for you as well as finding a shrine 200 times a day which if sustained will see you to level 99 in under one month. 150 runs @ 150K a run = 22.5 mill a day. Extreme? certainly. Impossible? Well, US East has produced a level 99 in season 4 and 5 within a month of the season starting and this is is how it can be achieved. However sustained Baaling as suggested can earn you a 12 hour Realm Down. Possible remedies include making games longer in time, taking frequent breaks and an ability to switch your IP address at will.

The basis for my claims?: A willingness to experiment whilst achieving 10 level 99 Ladder characters in the 5 ladder seasons since patch 1.10 was released. My current project is seeing if its possible to achieve level 99 with all 7 character classes in the same ladder season. (Another 4.5k Baal runs to go!)