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Message from the Author[edit]

Hi everyone,

I wrote this guide approximately six years ago, please take that into consideration when reading it. Any comments, updates or info on related changes to the game since that time, are more than welcome..Even if some of the reviewed items have remained unchanged during recent patches, I'm pretty sure that most weapons meanwhile behave considerably different, taking available data regarding frame breakpoints into account, as well as new additions to the game.

Respectfully submitted,
[Posted January 22nd, 2009]

Hey AllNamesRTaken! Nice to see you make a comment on it! =D I hope I did it justice with the transformation from HTML to Wiki code. Please feel free to update anything on the guide to your satisfaction, and/or add contact info if you like people to give you feedback. I added it because it was one of the guides that people continued to try to access on the site, but the article was missing.
I actually used the web archive to find it, since I don't have access to the original files. =) Got any plans for a follow-up article?
BTW, check out my help page for talk pages: help:Talk for tips on how to use them. =) --

Leord 17:13, 23 January 2009 (CET)

Hi there,
Thanks for your comment :)
I don't mind the guide having been posted here, that's perfectly fine with me..
As for updating it - Actually I just started playing the game again, my only character(s) so far, are a lvl 80ish Barbarian and a Sorceress in the 50's. I would not be qualified to make any changes to the guide at this point, but if there is interest for an updated version, or for additional diablo 2 guides in general, I'm sure I could spare some time and start writing articles again, once I'm caught up on all the changes to the game.
Gotta say it's pretty cool to see Blizzard added new content to d2, even after such a long time - Originally I just wanted to log in for a quick game or two and check if anyone's still around, but from the looks of it I'm 100% addicted again. :D Long story short, if it stays this way, I'll probably be able to add new content to the guide in a little while.
I'll check out the info you mentioned on editing stuff here..never used a wiki site before myself (other than reading them), but I guess it can't be that hard.
Respectfully submitted,
[Posted February 1st, 2009]

Well, you obviously know how to WRITE, even if you are unused to the wiki itself. =) For talk pages, you should take a quick look at the Help:Talk page for a few pointers. As for guides, anything would be really cool, to be honest. If you do make one, if it's about a few scrolls long, make sure to notify me, and we'll make a news item about that one on it's own, outside of any wiki watch:es! =)
Interested in Diablo 3 at all? --Leord 16:10, 3 February 2009 (CET)