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Don't know when the current image/info for leaf is from, but either its out of date or i just got very lucky. My leaf i just created has, in addition to the ones currently listed, +defense (2x char level). Dont know if thats a patch or cause im hardcore ladder on bnet. Isen's Leaf, 1.13, bnet hardcore ladder. If its just my luck, horray, but if its a patch that updated it, it makes this staff much more valuable IMHO, especially for the leveling fire or fire hybrid sorc. ~Isen

My first step in Sorceress (fire tree) creation is buying a 2 os (open socket) grey staff from vendor Akara in Act One Normal.

  • I look for +2 or +3 to Warmth, Fire Bolt, Static, Fire Ball, or Frozen Armor.
  • Character creation goes faster when you can provide a Horadric Cube and starting gold of approximately 50k. The most Akara should charge for a 2 os grey staff with desirable skills is around 30k gold.

This resets every time you enter town from Act 1 as well as for every game you create/join. With a full game, everyone has to have left town for Akara's vendor items to reset.

Two options here:

  • First, check Akara every time I return to town while solo'ing.
  • Second, join a full game called Act 2/3/4/5 or other name ensuring you are the only person in Act 1; enter game, check Akara, take way point to cold plains, kill something in cold plains, check Akara.

Rinse/repeat until you find a desirable staff.

Akara may sell this staff with a combination of two of these skills.

  • Usually I buy one with +2 Fire Bolt and +1 Static/Warmth/or Frozen Armor... a great combination any way you find it.
  • An option if you lack mana gear early on is to buy one from Akara with +2/+3 Warmth. The +8/+9 bonus to warmth from Leaf Rune word (+3 Fire Skills, +3 Warmth) can help a lot. If your purchased staff has Fire Bolt, the low mana requirement of Fire Bolt also helps with mana management.

Adding Tir+Ral for Leaf rune word at level 19 makes your fire damage become insane. Otherwise lacking for a better staff to use, I have used this rune word past level 40 until a rare orb with +2 Sorceress Skills/+1 Sorceress Skills shield is found for the orb/shield combination.

Please feel free to correct/add to my comments. These are my opinions only and take them with a grain of salt. My strategy may not work for you. In that case, leave it be. Otherwise, enjoy using Leaf rune word staff.