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Runeword doesn't work in all maces?[edit]

I just created this runeword (or tried to rather) in a white Grand Scepter with +2 to Zeal. Much to my dismay, it displays Gemmed Grand Scepter after words. Anyone know why this would be. According to the runewords page, this should work in scepters. Isk8 22:12, 1 May 2008 (CEST)

I added more disclaimer to the top of the page, since it got lost in the pasting process moving this from the old items section to the wiki. Blizzard (confusingly) divided blunt weapons into maces, clubs, hammers, and scepters. The only "maces" are mace, morning star, and flail, and their excep/elite versions. Clubs and hammers include the other blunt weapons, and scepters are designated separately too.

Compare Steel to something like Black, which is listed for maces, clubs, and hammers. Or to Holy Thunder, which works only in scepters.

Flux 3 May 2008