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Under Rune Drops

I really, really, debate the numbers given for Countess runes, mainly because I've been doing Hell Countess runs for the past hour and haven't gotten anything above Ort! This is both trying it with my Enigma and with hoofing it normally. The assertion that the "least" she can drop is Sol seems to be patently false from simple trial and error. And yes, I did the normal stipulations, I didn't die, I didn't change floors, I didn't even open a TP at any point.

If someone has hard evidence that something is just screwy with MY game, I would like to see it, but I think this should be changed. I'll be removing the "data" shortly if nobody objects.

There is of course a good chance those were pre-1.10 numbers, I didn't THINK that the patch changed Countess drops, but something isn't adding up. It watered down everyone else's so its entirely possible is it not?

May 5, 2008[edit]

I added a disclaimer to the top of the page. Like a lot of pages in the wiki at this "still under construction" point, this page was copied from older content and hasn't been updated yet for the current state of the game. As best I recall these stats are from v1.09, when the countess had a special rune drop when she was first killed, as a sort of bonus quest reward. In v1.10 and v1.11 she's got a much higher chance to drop a rune every time, but the initial bonus rune is gone, and the quality she drops is much lower.


Flux -

Thanks for adding that. I have a drop rate calculator and when I get a chance, I will update her section with a list of Hell drops and their chance. The current chart is wrong, it looks like the chances for high runes actually IMPROVED, but its also rolling for the lower ones!

--Chelate 14:42, 9 May 2008 (CEST)