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This template is created to help making a small and neat edit link for whatever page it's needed on. It's an advanced version of Editurl. The template uses Lancode, parsing and one compulsory variable to work. There are also four optional variables that can be used for customization. The variables are:

  • 1 - Full name of article linked. Must use underscores ("_") in place of spaces. (compulsory)
  • 2 - How you want the edit link to write out. Full "Edit", just an "e", or perhaps "Edit me" for example. (optional)
  • 2 - Changing to other language code than the standard for the wiki. (optional)
  • 4 - Write anything here to put link in brackets. (optional)
  • 5 - Write anything here to make text smaller and unbolded. (optional)

It's very important to note that in order to use variable 4 or 5, you must use all previous variables as well (or use specific denominators) in the template string.

Example 1:


Will create:


Example 2:

{{editlink|Template:Editlink|edit me}}

Will create:

edit me

Example 3:

{{editlink|Template:Editlink|edit me|de}}

Will create:

edit me

Example 4:

{{editlink|Template:Editlink|edit me|de|A}}

Will create:

[edit me]

Example 5:

{{editlink|Template:Editlink|edit me|de|A|A}}

Will create:

[edit me]

Related templates:

  • Template:Lancode - It's the language code of the wiki.
  • Template:Editurl - Used to create an edit url. Uses Lancode. Note this is the url only.
  • Template:Editlink - Used to create a link, linkbox or small linkbox. Uses Lancode.

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