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This template is made to clearly show if an article has moved to some other Diablo Wiki. Add it to the top of any article that is moved.

Use the template like this:
Please note:

  • First pipe is only mandatory if there's a space in the name.
  • Second pipe is only needed if the move is to other language wikis.
  • Third pipe is only needed if second is used, but must then be used.
  • If the second and third pipe is used, the first one must be used as well.

It will look like this:


Moved Article [e]
This page has been moved to Diablo9.DiabloWiki.net.
Please do not make any changes or additions to this page.

Any modifications, if still appropriate, should be made on Article_name at Diablo9.DiabloWiki.net.

To access this article, please go HERE.