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Hi im Neo and am a big Diablo 2 fan, I play on Battle net and enjoy dueling. I started playing in version 1.12 and have'nt stopped. I've beaten the D clone and gotten an anni.

If you play version 1.13 on battle net It would be fun to play some time.

Clan Mr[edit]

Hello people, play Diablo 2 LoD v1.13 and are bored of playing alone? Want to have fun with many people? Well now is your chance, me and a friend have started a clan called Clan Mr, some of the requirements to join are having Mr in your characters name, do something in the clan, when i say that i mean not sitting around and taking all the clans stuff, here are just some of the choices,

Clan Mf[edit]

The people who are in charge of Clan Mf are normally people who can teleport and do some of the bosses who drop some nice things, the things that are good will go the clan but if you find something you really like feel free to take it.

Clan Runner[edit]

The people who are clan Runners are people who do bosses who give alot of experience. Like Baal and Diablo, if you cannot do baal or diablo in hell, feel free to tell me and i will assign you to Running in nightmare for the people who still get experience from nightmare diablo and baal.

Clan Dueler[edit]

The people who are Clan Duelers are people who are masters at dueling and will back our clan up when ever we get a challenge.

Clan Ubers[edit]

The people who are in charge of the Clan Ubers will be a small team, who will focus on getting torches for other members who are not able to complete them. The team will consist of 3-4 people so that the team does not lag out too much. We would be happy to take you into consideration for the Clan Ubers spot if you are a hammerdin or a smiter.

Clan Support[edit]

People who are in charge of Clan Support must have a knowledge of Diablo 2. They will answer questions that clan members need answers to.

How to join[edit]

If you would like to join the clan, contact me on diablo 2 uswest, my account name is Neo777