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Been playing noncompetitively on and off since around 1.10 and the start of the ladders. Thanks to adeyke, d2skills and for their calcs, blizzard for a good boatload of entertainment, and community based d2 sites for not being "PLAY HAMMERDIN OTHER CHARS SUX" playgrounds, and giving me ideas for characters to play (e.g. supporting 7 casual pubbies in a full walkthough of hell using mediocre gear on week one of a ladder reset after being given the idea of playing a cleric for example was good fun)

I like making chars that don't use the most expensive zomgodly gear but still get specific jobs done quickly: summonec, orbwall sorc, kicksin, shockbear. I've played around with the builds enough to know roughly what tactics work, what skills to have, what stats, gear, etc, and I enjoy getting those lesser cared about details right rather than just getting the highest end gear for the most popular build and spouting crap about being better than everyone else.

Free bit of advice: upgraded shael'd doomslinger is the single fastest weapon to use when you want to leech using druid's Hunger skill. Have it on switch so you can swap back to your primary Mauling weapon when you get low on life and mana.