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My Story[edit]

I played D2 since the second week it was out (I waited to get it in a store) and 99.9% of the time I played HardCore (on DIAL-UP!). Only time I played SC was if the East realms were down and I was forced to create an account on West and since I didn't want to play HC over there with pings routinely higher than 500, I'd pass time in SC. I quit playing at about the time 1.10 came out. It wasn't the new version that blew me out, but some type of hack. I was in a game on BNet, unpartied, and no one was near me but somehow I was killed and lost a Uber Bowazon. I always joined games like "BluddRUNZ005" or "Arkan005" and played unpartied and would go to obscure areas of the game (I don't EVER remember seeing anyone in Nilithak's lair with me). In fact, I was so paranoid about PK hacks that I wouldn't even kill anything near the waypoints so I wouldn't leave a trail (in case the PK would jump from WP to WP, looking for activity). After my Zon died, I pushed myself away from my desk, stared blankly at the screen completely puzzled at how that had just happened. I remember feeling my pulse in my neck, and then on the screen I saw "Haha, got ya". That was the PK and I couldn't get him to admit how he did it. Later, a friend told me about a hack that had been going around but I never did find out how it worked or if that was what got me. I made a decision to stop playing altogehter and gave my 4 or 5 accounts to that friend and never looked back. During my time, I did get an Elemental Zealot on the Paly ladder (level 93 I think) but never got to level 99. Since 2009 I've reinstalled and have been playing Single Player 1.09 and I have no desire to try and understand 1.10+, especially since I won't be playing online.

Probably sounds like I'm whining, but there's something about "Your deeds of valor will be remembered" appearing when you've got all your best gear and have absolutely no idea how you died (and it wasn't dial-up lag...I had 3 years of experience in handling lag). If it wasn't for the kid saying, "Haha, got ya", I never would have known I was PK'd. I have to admit though, HC was absolutely would make your heart race if your Uber 90+ character was swarmed by frenzied Blood Lords and you couldn't get out. You just had to hope you could fight your way through and then promise yourself you'd never charge that fast into the fray again!  :-P Hackers suck!


  • Level 80+ MF Barb
  • Level 92 or 93 Elemental Zealot (Mishak) (Nothing could kill him, he could even square-up against MSLE's and continue fighting while Iron Maidened...he was a LOT of fun)
  • Level 88 Bowazon (Cinderhella - Deceased - Windforce w/ 39-15(max) jewel...that jewel was exciting to find. Traded a 36-15IAS for the Windforce)
  • Level 85+ Charged Boltress (Sparkalitious)
  • Level 80ish Tweaker (made obsolete after 1.07)
  • Level 80ish Druid (can't remember the build)

I think I had 4 accounts of mules mostly with superb gear.


<In best "Wren & Stimpy" voice> ♪♫♪♫ "Memories" ♪♫♪♫