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Hello. I'm here to port my Median XL wiki from the gaming wikia to this place. Sadly several custom templates are missing so the layout's gonna be a bit off. Well, I'm not going to fix all the little problems, somebody else can do that. I'd rather be working on the Jinkou Shojo 3 (Artificial Girl 3) wikia anyway. Yeah, I'm a pervert. I like perverts. We're a pretty friendly lot, like pirates. Or ninjas. Hold that thought will you, the ninja vs pirate debate on Youtube hasn't reached a conclusion yet (I'm betting on pirates, but I'm biased since my twisted sister-in-law is rooting for the ninjas).

Back to Diablo 2, I played V&K's Middle Earth mod for the original Diablo, as well as Diablo 2. Pretty good mod. Played it way more than the original game. In fact I don't think I actually finished the original game. Haha. I mean, it's easy. Don't you guys get tired of it? Which is why recently I got hooked on Brother Laz' Median XL mod. It roundhouses donkeys, to mutilate a popular phrase.

Oh, and I'm tired of having to re-introduce myself all over the place. I'm the same Trucidation as on wikia and GameFAQs. Yes, the lead/keyboardist half of the Megami All Stars (and band name be damned, we're not girls). I don't blog anymore, and if that geocities site is somehow still alive, it's been nearly a decade since I last looked at it - let alone updated it - so anything you might've read there is most likely outdated now. There is no IRL, there is only AFK.

- Trucidation 12:09, 1 May 2009 (CEST)

Edit: I'm aware there was a somewhat well-known figure in the Diablo community a while back who went by this handle. Wrote something on Amazons, if I remember correctly. Well, that person isn't me. Sorry I hijacked this name by accident, but I didn't realise it was taken. I've been using this nick since my MUD days (that ought to give you a hint at how old I am) though, and I'm too lazy to change it. I might, if that Trucidation shows up and demands it. It's just a name; I'll change it if I have to, but since it's too much effort and nobody's come to claim it yet I'll stick with it.

- Trucidation 12:13, 1 May 2009 (CEST)