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Here is the profile of the wiki editor WitchDoctor.

This page only serves two purposes; one, give basic information, and then more importantly, two, give an update on wiki related projects.


Refer to this page for a general autobiography and Diablo 3 related editing content. Send a PM here for direct contact. Or just use the discussion page.


Diablo 3 is more badly in need of updates, but Diablo 2 is the game most easily accessible and more familiar to me at this point. The Diablo 2 wiki is also far more approachable, given the fact it's fairly well established and the content is not in danger of dramatic shifts that put the entire wiki completely out of date.

Long Term[edit]

Refinements, consistency and general improvements, mainly focused on monsters, npcs, and perhaps certain items. At the moment, this project has four primary tasks:

>Image insertion

>Page consistency (all monster forms will have their own page, or each variant has its own page; both are systems in use at the moment, and the various pages are at different states of completeness. A bit of a mess)

>Improved page intros (more informative, better written)

>Improve overall infrastructure

Current Project[edit]

Currently leaving this wiki alone until I can make contact with admins in regards to the above. May consider tackling the missing pages for Clubs and Hammers.