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Hey man, brilliant edits in the wiki! All of those pages (and more to come) need a little touch up. I haven't had a look - do you know how many still need little stat updates?

I should tell you though, that the plan is to separate the monsters into individual pages, so some of those links you made we'll have to undo later, when we get the monster pages done.

Right now, I'm gonna help Masofarian make a new item separation, just like the monsters will have later. Perhaps something you could help with too? I'm just gonna make sure Mas gets it right with the boilerplate, so we have a mock-up to copy, and then it's a load of edits to give each unique item its own page.

Again, welcome to the crowd. Drop me a message here, on my talk page or on the forums if you need any help or have questions/suggestions :) --Leord 15:25, 19 April 2010 (UTC)

Actually I didn't do much, just trying to fix up the pages that I need (guest monsters in WSK,Throne). I'm not sure how the monster variant numbers are obtained, otherwise I would have updated those as well. I really don't know how many, maybe just fix them as they come along? When I updated the guest monster info, I fixed the inconsistencies like Megademon,Scarab,Sand Raider not placed under Category: Guest Monsters

I read the thread about separating content into the respective pages, it's okay, but I think it would help to still keep a main page for the particular monster type/family/class, for comparison purposes. That's pretty much what the other wiki sites are doing, although some have nice animated gifs to go with it. Same goes for the items.

Arkansaw 23:36, 19 April 2010 (UTC)