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Coldworm HP[edit]

Statistics. Coldworm's NM HP is 19,087-2,340. Doesn't make sense, right?

Also, the HPs posted on the forum are really helpful, BUT dare I say radically different from the wiki data. What should I do next? Leave the data as is, go on with the revisions, or wait for more feedbacks?

Thanks for putting up with me. :D --Chen 06:49, 28 February 2009 (CET)

Unfortunately, I am not an expert on the data of the stats of D2 monsters or anything with D2. I think that you should continue asking in the Dwiki support forum for details on that, and whatever is the latest updates, should go in the wiki =) --Leord 16:16, 16 March 2009 (CET)
Also, sorry for not noticing your message until now, I was away, and missed it when I came back... =/ --Leord 16:17, 16 March 2009 (CET)

I like it! :)[edit]

New look for the wiki? I like it! Or I could just have missed it when I last logged in...

Anyway, a little help please on the Coldworm page. There's a typo on his NM HP. Thanks.  ;)

--Chen 17:31, 20 February 2009 (CET)

Sorry mate, what's the typo, I don't quite understand =/ --Leord 18:08, 26 February 2009 (CET)

If you make an update...=[edit]

Make sure to make a little note on my talk page (but you'll have to adhere to normal talk page rules ;) ) so I don't miss it =) --Leord 16:13, 3 February 2009 (CET)


Thanks. I try to do my best.  :D

--Chen 21:55, 31 January 2009 (CET)


Oki, cool. Well, all posts are saved in the history section of each page, so I hope you don't mind me moving it back in. ;)

With affirmations: People don't usually understand how much even small contributions mean on the grander scale, so I think that society in general are way to bad at complimenting it!

Looking forward to the next lawn mowing! ;) --Leord 17:45, 23 January 2009 (CET)

Nice update. I didn;t see it until now, when I am doing the Wiki Watch for the week. Good one =) --Leord 14:42, 30 January 2009 (CET)

The Lawnmower Gel[edit]

Took me a while to post you a message, but I'm back.

Anyway, I've been busy lately, so I've only ever had time to browse messages but not necessarily post replies. My bad. ;)

As I said on the forums, it's nice to know that my eenie minor (eenie minie? do you get the pun? ugh! geek humor!) revisions are appreciated. Very heartening indeed. And you and I both know my revisions are only at the level of face value. Thanks for the affirmations. (pat you back)

Jez accepted your friend request on forums. Yay! I now have a friend on forums. That's an infinite % improvement. :))

As I'd have more time on my hands in a couple of days, I suppose I'll do another batch of lawnmowing then. So I guess I'll be seeing you then. :)

EDIT: OMG! I accidentally erased your latest post. Sorry about that. :hang:

--Chen 20:50, 21 January 2009 (CET)

U there?[edit]

Do you see these messages? =) --Leord 17:41, 16 January 2009 (CET)

Nice Work on the Uniques![edit]

Just wanted to pop in and say it! =) You go over the wiki like a lawnmower, fixing irregular articles! =D Consider making an Assassin guide (long or short, your choice) when you are nearing max lvl. Can't have too many of them! --Leord 16:40, 8 January 2009 (CET)

Brief reply[edit]

I am a bit short on my internet time, so I'll be brief, but basically, I am very proud of the Wiki, and since I'm like one of the main sysops, I make sure that there is no vandalism and other things in it, so yes, in a matter of fact, I stalk everyone in the wiki ;)

On the other hand, don't you think that's nice, that none of your good deeds will ever go unpunished? ;) I might pop in again soon, or I'll see you after the Christmas break, in a little over a week! --Leord 14:29, 27 December 2008 (CET)

Reuptake on Andy[edit]

>>>follow up on "Andariel"

Hmmm, I'm still trying to figure it out myself. But I think what's different with Andariel is that I changed "one of the Lesser Evil" to "one of the Lesser Evils."

Not really sure about that though.

I've done a couple of one-letter corrections on some of the pages in wiki already, dunno if Andy was one of them.


--Chen 02:28, 25 December 2008 (CET)

I'm Ba-aaack! (with lots of of digressions besides)[edit]

>>>response to "Andariel" and whatever else I missed posting a reply to

What? So you're stalking me now? :))

Actually, I didn't do anything at all to that page. I was looking over Andy when I suddenly had this inane impulse to "click" random "buttons" to see where it's going to get me. So I clicked the discussion tab to see if there are any talks on that page. Errr, that's what I did from what I remember. I feel like it was ages ago!  :D

As for my sass (I prefer "sass" over "sin" --- plenty of sass, nothing sinful about me ;)), I'm trying to specialize as a shadow artist. (okay, so now you'll probably flame me for being a cookie cutter player, what can I say, I'm a cookie). As far as I know I'm the only cobra kicker around. If it works out superbly I might post some gobbledygook at the strategy compendium. (thunder, lightning, evil laughter)

Half of the skill points on shadow, particularly shadow master, probably a point or 2 on venom when I can finally spare the skill point. I'm well aware that I can't build my SM into a tank, but her AR is indispensable to me since I don't use ranged weapons at all (I use both c/c and c/s).

Don't use my traps tree at all 'cept as prereq for blade shield, I leave the trapping to my SM instead. My version of "trapping" is using claws/katars with elemental damage and elemental charms. Probably an ejeet idea but I'm still experimenting with different claws (love 'em unique claws :x).

My sass build is probably lame especially by HC standards, but as a noob whatever skills I have work pretty well for me --- at least in the meantime.  :) I'll probably branch out to trapping when I get to nightmare, nothing definite but a good option at the least.

My sass has been in Act5 for about 5days now. As in Act4, I'm leveling before facing Baal (do I hear a chicken clucking?) so Imma thinking I'm going to be around Act5 for quite a while. Leaving Act4 is definitely an improvement though, woohoo! Didn't die at all during the Act4 catfight, hardly used my juv potions even, lost both my rogue and SM though.

So what've you been up to lately besides stalking? LOL!

Well anyway, I wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! (confetti shower)

--Chen 00:25, 25 December 2008 (CET)


I saw you edited on Andariel, but I can't see the difference. What did you change? =) --Leord 11:54, 22 December 2008 (CET)

Defiance (pun on your pally)[edit]

>>> response to "Hey!" thread

(Just registered on yesterday. Hurrah for me!) Looking forward to playing D3. :)

It's flattering to be offered an invite to make revisions for wiki. Dunno if it's for me though. I mean, I've only been playing for roughly 4 months and it's been barely a month since I started playing madly as you put it --- so you have to understand my expertise is null.

But I’m open to minor revisions (do I hear a sigh of relief?). What's so hard about fixing a couple of typos anyway? :)

Groups and guilds sound good. But I think I'll stick it out with my single-player assassin for a while, try to see/collect some other uniques and whatnots. I swear, I've seen all sorts of set items which I've since sold. I do have a char out in bnet but I hardly log-in xcept to keep my account active.

So what does/did your pally specialize in?

. . . It's so nice to know that there are still others who play Diablo. My bestie has since moved on to warcraft. Sniff!

---Chen 17:13, 13 December 2008 (CET)

Lol, your style of replying to messages makes my head spin. =) My character did not have a proper theme, and I'm not one of those that believe in the "no respec" principle of games. I had a lot of different skills, and I was doing ok with my playstyle. I didn't do the "hammerdin" that seems so popular.
As for the wiki, I think you should just do what you feel like doing yourself, and possibly check around on other talk pages (every page has a talk page), so even if you don't have the energy to make major edits to an article, you can make suggestions etc there (if you do though, you need to apply the Help:Talk style). When/if you feel more certain on it, just ask me for things to do, if you don't find some area you'd like to polish yourself, like many others do. =)
If you get interested in Lore, we have all of that in the Diablo 3 Wiki, and I can show you where to find the actual lore of the game (most of it is in the manuals anyway).
Is there any specific spec you go for on your Assasin? --Leord 13:53, 16 December 2008 (CET)


Thanks for the tips re: posts. Wikipost is foreign to me, until recently that is. As for the ":" I prefer compartmentalizing, easier for me to keep track of my posts that way. You can stick with your ":" though. ;)

My assassin was just promoted to L39. Been in act4 forever trying to beef up before facing Diablo. Imma thinking of levelling up to L45 to L55, mebbe I'll have the upper hand if I'm a couple of levels higher than the L40 Diablo (sounds like a plan...).
My assassin has a bug though, she has left-sided paralysis. She can equip 1katar only. Still waiting for feedback from blizzard.
So what character are you? Level? More importantly do you still play, or have you finished the game?
---Chen 23:37, 10 December 2008 (CET)

I suggest using ":" to make it like "levels" of messages, so it's easy to see who wrote what in reply to what =) Just use breaks to make sections in a message.
Like this ;)
I'm all for the Paladin, and I used to be a member of The Holy Knights of Westmarch, one of the longest running Diablo guilds. The last char I played actively was lvl 86 or so, and I played madly much for a long while. Atm I'm more into D3 info, and I help the D2 wiki with the organization and links.
So, do you think you might have time for smaller or larger edits in the wiki once in a while? =) Always nice with company here, and someone to ask for opinions etc. ;) --Leord 16:54, 12 December 2008 (CET)

Msg to Leord[edit]

Hullo! I'm kinda new to this (html, wiki stuff stuff) so I'm doing it the only way I know how: pressing the "edit" button. (Harhar! I'm so Jurassic!)

That and the fact that I'm kinda busy building up my Assassin single-player to check my email (1 of the reasons why I didn't see this post until now).
I hope you didn't mind the editing, I'm kinda OC(obsessive compulsive) about stuff stuff. ;) Chen 10Dec08 03.22a
IF I "mind" the editing? lol, quite the opposite! I think it's excellent that you take the time to add to the database. I mean 99.99% of Diablo players don't, so you are exceptional, even with minor edits! ;) One thing, you can just type --~~~~ at the end of a message, and teh wiki will make a sig for you, with name, and date stamp =) Use the ":" When replying to a message.
So, what level is your Amazon now then? --Leord 12:16, 10 December 2008 (CET)


Hey Chen! Thanks for the Assassin Items typo fix. Is this your first edit in a wiki? Do you have a membership as well, or just DiabloWiki? =) --Leord 12:05, 5 December 2008 (CET)

Hello again, saw you made more edits, are you seeing these messages? =) --Leord 12:40, 8 December 2008 (CET)