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Nice you spotted that on the skills. =) First edit in a wiki, or have you previous experience? --Leord 15:20, 16 October 2009 (CEST)

Thanks :) I've had some experience, started on Wikipedia but quickly got sick of the attitude, did some more at Wikia (Final Fantasy, Fallout, Diablo, & Ratchet/Clank) and Wikimedia's latest call for proposals. I'm not much for adding new content but definitely in detail & organization. I'm not sure I'm 100% accurate on the edit I made though, I know it applies to Necro/Druid but not on all summons (like Amazon's/Assassins and non-wolf Druid summons) JMJimmy 22:13, 16 October 2009 (CEST)
Well, it's good, regardless, and you seem to have the hang of talk pages and other things then :) I do hop you'll find DW a lot friendlier, but we haven't really started getting a proper community here, as most communication still is taking place in the forums.
If you need any inspiration, then primarily, we need help with lore entries, which a LOT still can be added by just reading the manuals. If you do add entries or perhaps just a few sentences to existing articles about lore, add them to the Diablo 3 wiki rather than the Diablo 2 one :)
If you have any questions or suggestions, don't be afraid to ask me or someone else! --Leord 12:49, 20 October 2009 (CEST)

Skill Progression[edit]

You're right that it looks better on the skill page. Unfortunately, on the combined page, it would make it VERY long if they were all like that. I have rolled it back, but hope it doesn't discourage you from helping with other skills! I also changed the formatting of the table, to stick out a little bit less :) --Leord 18:38, 21 October 2009 (CEST)

Actually! I did NOT revert it since I realized the original table was all mupped up. Could you just rearrange it as a horizontal table again, but less broken, and just add ***{|class="tablebox"*** as the top (without the stars), to make the formatting a little bit tidier. --Leord 18:44, 21 October 2009 (CEST)
Before I do that, I want to run another idea by you... give me a bit to get the formatting down but I think it will make the information more readable without making the combined pages excessively long. If not, I'll revert it to the horizontal & fix. Cheers JMJimmy 20:04, 21 October 2009 (CEST)
I posted a modified version temporarily because you're right - the combined page looked/would have looked terrible. Have you ever considered ? JMJimmy 20:55, 21 October 2009 (CEST)

Took me a while but I created a dynamic template, it's fairly complex but very easy for users.

Basically, all the user needs do is the following:

{{Skill Progression
|header=something doesn't matter how long or what is in it
|header2=doesn't matter where header2/header3/etc go in the list so long as they are named
|etc until 20 - if unknown the template does require a blank entry so by example (next 3 lines)
|data8 - this will appear in the 8th skill level slot, 5-7 will get a hyphen, this way people can update as they 
find out stats (ie: 1.13 patch or D3)

There's no longer a need to enter skill numbers, they're all part of the template. It can also be extended fairly easily. If there are more than 5 headers it won't accept 6 simply because that would end up way off the page just like the horizontal display. Let me know what you think, if you'd prefer it the other way I don't mind, I can revert it no problem. JMJimmy 02:35, 22 October 2009 (CEST)

Wow man! Awesome work! I made a humble little edit to remove one break in there, which made the 2nd row super large. :) It's just how the wiki works, I don't know why it does that. I also shortened "Level" to Slvl to save space.
All in all the design is very good. I suppose we'd really should change texts such as "Cold Damage Per Second" into just "DPS", linking to a "Damage Per Second" article, and explain in the blurb above that it's cold damage. All to make the first row a lot smaller. I think 2 rows of text, like "Damage (br) Absorption", which is hard to abbreviate is ok, but not 3+ lines. Not a prio, though...
I'm really impressed! :)
Only thing I'd like is a nice little header for the table. Look here at Template:Skill Progression Test. It looks nice there, but your table is obviously quite flexible, and has a different amount of columns depending on the skill. Do you know id it's possible to make a header colspan change depending on how many columns it has? Due to a limitation in the wiki, which I have not found out why, tables' cells always have padding on the inside, making it impossible to make an outer table with a proper header... Either way, primarily I'd just like to get in a little [e] :)
I'm gonna polish up the amazon skills now, as I'm gonna make a news item about them. Too bad you didn't start with them. I can't spend the time to update them with the new template, however, so it will come for later news features :) Again, awesome work mate! --Leord 12:32, 22 October 2009 (CEST)
Thanks, it was quite the learning experience, I'd actually never created a template before. The one thing with the header you're trying to create, while it looks great, doing it with colspan is computationally very expensive. Even though you're specifying colspan=some number, the browser actually has to render the entire table before it can render that header because it needs to verify if there should be "dead space" (ie: colspan=2 with a 3 column table needs 1 column of dead space). I've updated the Skill Progression template with a second table instead.
Regarding the padding, you can easily override this if you wish, either in tablebox CSS class (add: !important padding:0px;) or directly in the wikitext JMJimmy 15:25, 22 October 2009 (CEST)
{|style="padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;" //to specify individual padding in the order of top, right, bottom, left.
Oh, awesome! Do you have MSN or ICQ, since it seems you're online right now? Mine is targetgamer at home dot se and my icq is 39-837-459 :) --Leord 16:44, 22 October 2009 (CEST)
I made one small edit in the template, adding a link to easily edit it if needed, like all other such templates have :) --Leord 16:52, 22 October 2009 (CEST) etc[edit]

I left a message for you on the D3 wiki. Mine or your talk page, can't recall :P --Leord 14:55, 4 December 2009 (UTC)