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Rune hunting[edit]

Hey Mega! I saw the Rune hunting update, and that's really what's needed. As the wiki ignores the first row break, I added "<br>" in your edit, so they line up properly. Do you have previous wiki experience?

Another related question is about the rune hunting. Is it possible for you to add precision to the text? I mean like stating what difficulty the Forgotten Tower was played in, and if you had magic find in the Hellforge? Also how many times you ran in the hellforge. =) It's like standardising the info, so everyone know the drill. Out of 155 runs, that seems like very low number of runes, I suppose you ignored the low LOW runes? Things like that is really good to know.

Over all, it was a GREAT addition to that article. It really needed some example figures like that!

If you feel unsure on how to reply to me, check out the Help:Talk page for info =) --Leord 17:23, 16 January 2009 (CET)