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Laying of Hands is a Bramble Mitts set of gloves and part of The Disciple Item Set, used by any class who deal physical damage, whether ranged or melee.


Diablo II X mini-icon.png
Ilvl: 39
The Disciple
[Item Set]
Set Pieces:
Dark Adherent
Laying of Hands
Rite of Passage
Telling of Beads
Diablo II Item Info [e]
Diablo II X mini-icon.png
Ilvl: 39
Laying of Hands
(See full set)
Base Item: Bramble Mitts
  • Defense: 79-87

As many of the set items found in Diablo II, we do not know much about the origins of this item set. The names of the individual pieces seem to suggest it's from some decently good source, but nothing can really be said for certain. It's only available in D2X.

Diablo II Item[edit]

The Disciple isn't designed for any particular class, but it's best suited to those who deal physical damage, whether melee or ranged.

The defense isn't that great, but there's good resistance and other bonuses. The gloves in this set are one of the most popular items in the game for combat characters, and the belt is quite a nice item on its own as well.

One of the classes that has a primary advantage of using it are bowazon-specced Amazons. Its low strength requirements, light weight, attribute bonuses, and resists — a total fire resist 115%, cold resist 83%, poison resist 100-105%, and lightning resist 65%, in addition to reduced cold and poison duration are all good bowazon traits.

Its weaknesses are none of the pieces are of any use to the bowazon by themselves (except Laying of Hands), severely limited modification potential and the absence of an AR bonus, elemental damage, MDR/DR and added damage. The Disciple leaves a bowazon with an open bow, helm and ring slots. The rlvl of this set is clvl-77; the maximum IAS one can get out of this set (without weapon) is 80%.

If you have any other sources of poison damage (including the damage on the Dark Adherent), the partial/complete set bonus will show some other, inaccurate value.


This item was first seen in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.


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