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Stony Field

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The '''Stony Field''' is a [[wilderness]] level in [[Act I]], which amongst other things host the [[Cairn Stones]], which can take you to [[Tristram]] through ha red portal.<br><br><br><br><br>  __TOC__==Background=={{Levelbox|game= Diablo II<!--|portrait= --><!--|name= -->|patch= v1.10+|norm-lvl= 4|night-lvl= 37|hell-lvl= 68|monsters= [[Fallen]], [[Fallen Shaman]], [[Carver]], [[Skeleton]], [[Hungry Dead]], [[Blood Hawk|Foul Crow]][[Foul Crow]], [[Blood Hawk Nest|Foul Crow Nest]][[Foul Crow Nest]], [[Goatman|Moon Clan]][[Moon Clan]]|norm-monster= 4|night-monster= 4|hell-monster= 4|norm-rand-boss= Yes|night-rand-boss= Yes|hell-rand-boss= Yes|norm-su= [[Rakanishu|Raka-<br>nishu]], mlvl 8|night-su= [[Rakanishu|Raka-<br>nishu]], mlvl 40|hell-su= [[Rakanishu|Raka-<br>nishu]], mlvl 71|chest= No|waypoint= Yes|nearby= [[Cold Plains]], [[The Underground Passage]], [[Tristram]] (Cairn Stones must be on)|quests= [[Rescue Cain]], [[The Forgotten Tower]]}}[[Image:Quests-cairn-stones.jpg|thumb|left|The [[Cairn Stones]].]]Once completing the [[Sisters' Burial Grounds]] quest 2 and receiving a free rogue [[Rogue]] [[mercenary ]] as a reward from [[Kashya]], [[Akara]] will direct you to [[Tristram]] in order to search for the [[{{iw|Horadrim Horadrim]] }} sage [[Deckard Cain]] for Akara believes he will provide some useful advice to combat the growing evil.  Here in the Stony Field lies a magical portal which leads directly to Tristram which can only be opened by activating the [[Cairn Stones]]. However, this must be done in a specific order, and the answer to this lies with the [[Tree of Inifuss]]. Searching for this ancient tree is the first step.
Found guarding the Cairn Stones will be [[Rakanishu]], an extra fast lightning enchanted [[Carver ]] (a [[Fallen]] variant). This unmistakable [[superunique ]] along with its Carver minions is usually the fastest monster encountered so far.
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| [[Image:Quests-cairn-stones.jpg|frame|The Cairn Stones]]
| [[Image:act1-rakanishu-taunt.jpg|frame|<i>Rakanishu!</i>]]
==Level Information==
* Monster levels are usually always equal to the area level with exception to uniques (mlvl +3) and champions (mlvl +2).
* The Carvers here appear without a shaman.
* A group of Fallen and Fallen Shamen always spawn in a "carver camp" in this area and are included as an extra monster variant (refer to table below).<br>{| width="80%" align="center"|+ '''Stony Field'''! width="25%" align="center" | '''Info List'''! width="25%" align="center" | '''Normal'''! width="25%" align="center" | '''Nightmare'''! width="25%" align="center" | '''Hell'''|-| '''Area Level:'''| align="center" | 4| alignNPCs="center" | 37| align="center" | 68|-| '''Spawnable Monsters:'''| colspan="3" align="center" | * [[FallenRakanishu]], ([[Fallen Shaman]], [[Fallen|Carversuperunique]], [[Skeleton]], [[Zombie|Hungry Dead]], [[Blood Hawk|Foul Crow]], [[Blood Hawk Nest|Foul Crow Nest]], [[Goatman|Moon Clan]]|-| '''Possible Monster Variants:'''| align="center" | 4| align="center" | 4| align="center" | 4|-| '''Random Bosses:'''| align="center" | Yes| align="center" | Yes| align="center" | Yes|-| '''Superuniques:'''| align="center" | [[Rakanishu]], mlvl 8)| align="center" | [[Rakanishu]], mlvl 40| align="center" | [[Rakanishu]], mlvl 71|-| '''Gold ChestsImage:'''| colspan="3" align="center" | No|act1-| '''Waypoint:'''| colspan="3" align="center" | Yes|rakanishu-taunt.jpg| '''Level Junctions:'''thumb| colspan="3" align="center" left| <i>[[Cold PlainsRakanishu]], [[The Underground Passage]], [[Tristram]] (Cairn Stones must be activated)|-| '''Quests:'''| colspan="3" align="center" | [[Quests_Act_One#Quest_Four:_The_Forgotten_Tower|1.4 Quest Four: The Forgotten Tower!</i>]] - The Moldy Tome|}
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