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Stony Field

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Once completing quest 2 and receiving a free rogue mercenary as a reward from [[Kashya]], [[Akara ]] will direct you to [[Tristram]] in order to search for the [[Horadrim ]] sage [[Deckard Cain]] for Akara believes he will provide some useful advice to combat the growing evil. Here in the Stony Field lies a magical portal which leads directly to Tristram which can only be opened by activating the [[Cairn Stones]]. However, this must be done in a specific order, and the answer to this lies with the [[Tree of Inifuss]]. Searching for this ancient tree is the first step.
Found guarding the Cairn Stones will be [[Rakanishu]], an extra fast lightning enchanted Carver (a [[Fallen ]] variant). This unmistakable superunique along with its Carver minions is usually the fastest monster encountered so far.
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==Level Information==
* Monster levels are usually always equal to the area level with exception to uniques (mlvl +3) and champions (mlvl +2).