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Horadric Cube Recipes

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[[Image:Cube-convert.gif]] 1 Twisted Essence of each Suffering, 1 Charged Essence of Hatred, 1 Burning Essence of Terror, 1 Festering Essence of Destruction = Token of the Essences --> Reset Absolution. A Token of Absolution allows you to reset your stats.You get these 'essences' from here: Twisted Essence of Suffering (dropped by Hell Andariel and Hell Duriel) Charged Essence of Hatred (dropped by Hell Mephisto) Burning Essence of Terror (dropped by Hell Diablo) Festering Essence of Destruction (dropped by Hell Baal).   *In v1.13 a new choice was added. A character can now [[respec]] their attributes. This is done by speaking to [[Akara]] after completing the [[Den of Evil]] quest in Act 1for each difficulty level.**In that same version, (1.13) after using all of the stat resets, if you're still unhappy with your build, you can go out and defeat each of the end bosses of each act in Hell difficulty to receive an Essence.
**They are just a bit more rare than keys are to complete the pandemonium event.
**Only works in v1.13 or later