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I'm going to pretend that, at least for the moment, this page is my personal scratchpad. If it's not, though, by all means, edit away.

Notes to self, possibly for future use.

Hellfire mods: The Dark - Website, Still supported, idk about developement.

D2- LoD mods: Phrozen Keep's Offsite Filecenter

Median XL - Current developement status? . . Eastern Sun - Community patches? S series?

There are approx. 3-4 dozen separate mods that I'm aware of. Need to set criterions for in/exclusion. Then, since I don't actually know them too well, need to do research. A lot of research. -_-

Battle for Elements. . . Requiem of Sorrow? . . Zy-El? . . Nezeramontias (unsupported)? . . Kingdom of Tenai? (unsupported?)

Also, I hate wik-textwall. --Sing in Silence 14:33, 17 March 2010 (UTC)