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I saw your Blunderbore update, welcome to DiabloWiki as a contributor! =) Very nice update, and since I know nothing about the technical aspects of Diablo 2, it's also very useful. Flux don't have time to handle it all himself... =)

So, is this your first ever wiki experience, or have you dabbled in wikis before? --Leord 15:40, 16 March 2009 (CET)

Thank you. My previous wiki experience is limited; I'm not into wiki for its own sake. However, I was doing extensive research into Urdars as part of my summon Necromancer vs Uber Tristram project (trying to figure out which auras work best, etc.), so I started conducting my own Urdar fpa/IAS tests, etc. So I'm reviving individual Urdars under various strengths of Fantacism aura and watching them with a stopwatch. While rounding up the Urdars (before reviving), I was dying occassionally and, because I was using strength bug to wear my Monarch, I would sometimes just leaving my shield on my corpse, not wanting to bother with the hassle of getting it back on. I noticed I was getting stunned about 20% of the time with max block (this is probably the mistake the original contributor made), but getting stunned more than half of the time without my shield equipped, so I knew something was wrong. Realizing that % chance things were virtually impossible to test empirically (unlike fpa, which is pretty basic), I started delving into the MPQs, where I eventually found the entries in Aiparm.txt that describe Blunderbore behavior. From that point it was a simple monstats.txt lookup.
If I do extensive D2 build research on a particular niche subject, you can expect me to post again, especially if the relevant wiki pages contain inaccuracies. When I'm trying to get to the bottom of a subject, inaccuracies are often a frustrating waste of time and mental effort, and I wouldn't want anyone else suffering from them the way I did. However, outside of that, I wouldn't expect too many contributions from me.
Maybe I should have mentioned that Urdars attack at 14 fpa per second when their AI is "on" -- however, Urdar AI makes them a little stupid about actually swinging, so the 14 fpa is only noticeable as long as they are constantly swinging. When first running up to a target, or when sent into hit recovery, they get an AI delay again. The delay varies from Blunderbore to Blunderbore, decreasing as difficulty goes on (Hell Urdars have a delay of about 7, if memory serves, but I'm not looking it up right now). Using Aiparms.txt and the 14fpa statistic, you could probably get more specific, but I think for most people the entry the original contributor included (essentially "Blunderbores may be slow to attack at first, but let them get on a roll and they can land many blows in quick succession") suffices. -- Dethklok, 17:53 EST, 23 March 2009
Wow! Well, I think I grasped most of that, but I know very little about actual D2 stats. =) I'm sure that any D2 player with a little bit more experience than me would dearly appreciate the status updates you made, so don't take me as an example ;) --Leord 18:29, 1 April 2009 (CEST)