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Suggestion: Keep this page due to high page rank. Fill it out if possible, add links to individual items, and create them. Perhaps add info about potions here, for instance. Alternatively, "export" all info to individual pages, and link back here. Generally speaking, "consumable" is a better name for it. --Leord 13:44, 12 May 2010 (UTC)

Only 2 scrolls?[edit]

I take issue with the line "There are only two types of scrolls in Diablo II", since there's also the Scroll of Inifuss and the Scroll of Resistance. I get that they aren't the same thing, but they are literally called Scroll's, seems odd to leave them out. Maybe add a little (sidenote linking them to their respective pages/quests).

Forgot the Horadric Scroll! Added :) GoldenAxeWarrior (talk) 10:00, 24 October 2012 (CEST)