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The items on this page are not life or death, generally speaking, but are conveniences you want and need. Keys are dropped by monsters or purchased for a very low price in town. They stack 12 high, and are readily available. Each time you open a locked chest, one of your keys is used, and destroyed. There are no locked doors, and never anything in a locked chest you have to have to advance in the game. They are purely a bonus item, but as locked chests are common, you should be sure to always carry some of these (unless you play an Assassin, who can pick locks).

There are only two types of reusable scrolls in Diablo II; Town Portal and Identify, and scrolls can be equipped in the belt or stored in inventory. To cast one you either right click on it, hit the appropriate number of the belt slot, or select the skill icon and right click on it. (The Scroll of Inifuss, Scroll of Resistance, and Horadric Scroll exist in the game, but only as specific use quest items.)

Books are simply scroll repositories that stack up multiple scrolls for convenience of use. Books can be bought empty, or found in the dungeons with from 1-5 charges. Multiple books will auto-stack to one book with the charges added together. Scrolls picked up while a book is in the inventory will auto-stack into it, adding to the number of charges. Scrolls can not be removed from books. The Identify book is reddish brown, and contains a triangle at the top of the outer spine, and a solid band at the bottom. The Town Portal book has a gold band from the front cover extending around the spine, and is blue.

Item Name Properties Price Inv Space
Key Key-single.gif Opens locked chests. Single use. 12 per stack. 10 gold for 5 1x1
Identify Scroll scroll-id.gif (1368 bytes) Single use Identify spell. 100 each 1x1
Town Portal Scroll scroll-tp.gif (1370 bytes) Single use Town Portal spell. 80 each 1x1
Tome of Identify book-id.gif (2272 bytes) Stores up to 20 Identify scrolls 250 (empty) 1x2
Tome of Town Portal Book-tp.gif Stores up to 20 Town Portal scrolls 250 (empty) 1x2