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Pages are being added and updated rapidly. Here are some of the latest:

The continued work to get the Prefixes and Suffixes is progressing fine. As more lore is added to the wiki, we see changes everywhere, including monster pages such as the Goatman, Leaper, Scarab Demon, Saber Cat, Giant Mosquito, Tentacle Beast, Thorned Hulk and Mummy.

The Strategy section is growing slowly, and as categorization of the Diablo2Wiki is improving several more that are already added to the Amazon class and other classes will also be made available. The most recently added strategies to the wiki is "Clvl 99 in Record Time", "Flux's Javazon Guide", "Muling Guide", and "Premium Bow Comparison".

General updates like Multiplayer, Gem, Cube Recipes and Crafting FAQ also keeps the wiki ticking over. Make sure to join in and make DiabloWiki both the primary Diablo 2 source, and also the best polished one!

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