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Multiple Shot is a level 6 skill from the Amazon's Bow & Crossbow Skill Tree.

Diablo II Skill [e]
Multiple Shot


Used by: Amazon
Skill Tree: Amazon Bow and Crossbow Skills
Skill Description:
Splits one arrow into several.
Skill Details:
Type: Damage
Quantity: # of arrows
LvL 1: 2 - Lvl 20: 21
Effect: Bolt
School: Physical
Mana cost: Lvl 1: 4 - Lvl 20: 23
Cast time: Instant
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: None
Synergies: None
Requires: Magic Arrow
Prereq of: Exploding Arrow. Guided Arrow. Immolation Arrow. Strafe

Multiple Shot[edit]

Required Level: 6
Prerequisites: Magic Arrow
Synergies: None.
Details: Each fire arrow or bolt splits into multiple shots. This skill gives the largest potential damage in the skill tree, since each arrow can strike multiple targets, and so many can be fired so quickly.

  • Only one arrow from each Multiple Shot can hit a given target; you can't get up close and fire 15 shots at once into the same enemy, so per shot/per target, this skill does the least damage of any skill in the tree. Its power comes from the ability to hit numerous enemies with each shot.
  • The spread of the arrows is determined by how far from the Amazon the cursor is pointing when the skill is used. Aim next to the Amazon for a very wide spread. Aim near the edge of the screen for a tighter cluster.

Damage: 3/4 Weapon Damage
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Mana


Slvl Mana


Slvl Mana


Slvl Mana


1 4 2 6 9 7 11 14 12 16 19 17
2 5 3 7 10 8 12 15 13 17 20 18
3 6 4 8 11 9 13 16 14 18 21 19
4 7 5 9 12 10 14 17 15 19 22 20
5 8 6 10 13 11 15 18 16 20 23 21

Legend has it that the fabled Amazon archer, Palashia, bragged in her youth that she could best the combined skills of all her greatest rivals. Taking umbrage, her rivals gathered to challenge her outrageous boast, arranging a contest to decide the question. To preserve her honor, Palashia was to strike the targets of all her rivals before they could land a single arrow. When dawn arose on the day of the contest, Palashia stood ready with her bow. At the signal, her rivals nocked their arrows and loosed a volley towards their targets. Palashia gathered her energies, and let fly with her own, single arrow. To the amazement of onlookers, her arrow split into many, cleaving the arrows of her rivals, and moving on to strike every target directly in their centers. This mysterious technique quickly became a martial secret that only the finest archers are able to master.


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