Static Field

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Static Field[edit]

Required Level: 6

Prerequisites: None
Synergies: None

    Static Field hits every monster in range, instantly chopping 25% off of their current hit points (similar to crushing blow). This is the single most damaging spell or skill in the entire game, under the right circumstances. Static Field is affected by the lightning resist of your enemy; if that resist is positive then Static will do less than 25% of their life in damage, and if their resist is negative (e.g. facets, conviction, lower resist) it will do more, up to 50% of their total life in one cast vs an enemy with -100 lightning resist. Static Field cannot kill an enemy by itself, and additionally has a penalty in nightmare and hell difficulties. In nightmare, static will not do damage to any monster with 33% or less life remaining (and will not bring it below 33%), and in hell, static will not bring any monster below 50% health.

    Static Field, like all other damage skills, only works at 17.5% of its normal effect versus players. Even with negative enemy resist, this skill will not do significant damage in PvP.

Mana: 9
Damage: 25% of monster life
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Radius

Slvl Radius

Slvl Radius

Slvl Radius

1 3.3 6 6.6 11 10.0 16 13.3
2 4.0 7 7.3 12 10.6 17 14.0
3 4.6 8 8.0 13 11.3 18 14.6
4 5.3 9 8.6 14 12.0 19 15.3
5 6.0 10 9.3 15 12.6 20 16.0

Static Field Builds[edit]