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Required Level: 6

Prerequisites: None
Synergies: None

    Telekinesis can be used to pick up objects, activate triggers, or to strike enemies, stunning and knocking them back with some minor damage. TK was a very useful skill in earlier versions of Diablo II, since it picked up anything, and with this Sorceresses were always the quickest to grab the loot when a monster popped. Patches have since greatly limited what can be picked up with it, so it's much less useful, and much less annoying to other players, than in the early days.

  • Telekinesis will only pick up scrolls, potions, keys, gold, arrows and bolts.
  • TK will not stun or knockback bosses or SuperUniques.
  • TK is very convenient. Use it to activate shrines, waypoints, and stairways, to open chests (including the Town Stash), to release the seals in the Chaos Sanctuary, and so forth.

    Telekinesis isn't particularly useful in PvP, but if you have large amounts of negative enemy resist it can be used to kill people while they are naked. Damage wise this skill simply isn't practical, its uses lie in its other abilities.

Mana: 7
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Damage

Slvl Damage

Slvl Damage

Slvl Damage

1 1-2 6 6-7 11 11-12 16 16-17
2 2-3 7 7-8 12 12-13 17 17-18
3 3-4 8 8-9 13 13-14 18 18-19
4 4-5 9 9-10 14 14-15 19 19-20
5 5-6 10 10-11 15 15-16 20 20-21