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Hurricane is a level 30 skill from the Druid's Elemental Skill Tree.


Casting Delay 6 Seconds

Required Level: 30
Prerequisites: Arctic Blast, Cyclone Armor, Twister, Tornado.
Synergies: Hurricane receives bonuses from skill points in the following skills:

Details: A howling storm is created around the Druid, dealing damage to anything nearby. Cast this and run near the monsters, putting them in the swirling band of damage.

This skill is devastating in small Normal difficulty games, but becomes more or less worthless in bigger games, other than as a sort of low-radius, damage-dealing, Frost Nova. Each Hurricane lasts for 10 seconds, with a six second casting delay. You can have two of them going at once for the last few seconds each time, or can cast a Volcano or other skill then, though you'll have to wait on the casting delay for it to run out before you can cast another Hurricane.

The outer edge of the Hurricane is about 5.3 yards from the Druid, and the inner edge is about 4 yards. You must keep monsters in the ring of wind to deal them damage; too close or too far does no good. This works best with minions to tank, once they engage the monsters you can run up behind them so the Hurricane is spinning right on top of the monsters, chilling and damaging them. Cast Tornados at the same time, for maximum damage.

Mana Cost: 30
Radius: 6 Yards
Duration: 10 Seconds
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Cold Damage

Slvl Cold Damage

Slvl Cold Damage

Slvl Cold Damage

1 25-50 6 60-85 11 104-129 16 154-179
2 32-57 7 67-92 12 114-139 17 166-191
3 39-64 8 74-99 13 124-149 18 178-203
4 46-71 9 84-109 14 134-159 19 213-223
5 53-78 10 94-119 15 144-169 20 233-243