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Twister is a level 18 skill from the Druid's Elemental Skill Tree.


Damage Type: Physical

Required Level: 18
Prerequisites: Arctic Blast, Cyclone Armor
Synergies: Twister is boosted by points in the following skills:

Details: Each cast of Twister sets up a small tornado that stuns and deals physical damage to any enemies in the area. Twisters move semi-randomly once they are cast, and are best used in large quantities, killing enemies while your minions occupy them.

In addition to the damage this skill deals, it can knock back monsters, providing a sort of defense to the Druid, and giving him time to cast more of them before the monsters reach him.

The damage from Twister and Tornado is physical, just as if the Druid walked up and punched them. This is helpful on monsters that have an elemental immunity, but makes them worthless in Hell, where every monster has at least 50% physical resistance.

Mana Cost: 7
Stun Length: 0.4 Seconds
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Damage

Slvl Damage

Slvl Damage

Slvl Damage

1 6-8 6 16-18 11 30-32 16 48-50
2 8-10 7 18-20 12 34-36 17 52-54
3 10-12 8 20-22 13 37-39 18 57-59
4 12-14 9 23-25 14 41-43 19 61-63
5 14-16 10 27-29 15 44-46 20 66-68

Twister Builds[edit]