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Upper Kurast is one of the final levels of Kurast in Act III.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Upper Kurast.jpg
Upper Kurast
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl # # #
Zealot, Faithful, Cantor, Winged Nightmare, Thrasher
# # #
Fill out Fill out Fill out
Fill out Fill out Fill out
Gold-chest Fill out
Waypoint Yes
Sewers, Travincal
Quests None

Two more entrances to the Sewers here, as well as another waypoint.

There is also a Forgotten Temple and a Forgotten Reliquary here. Small, one-level dungeons that are relatively packed with monsters.

There is no other specific use of the Upper Kurast area.

Level Information[edit]

Kurast Levels[edit]

Kurast is so big it is represented in multiple levels in Diablo II, even though other great cities like Lut Gholein instead has been shrunken to a small town-sized area. This is how it is presented in D2:

  • Kurast Docks - Separated from the main town, by the great river that runs out to the Twin Seas.
  • Lower Kurast - Outer sprawl of the city. Overrun by jungle, monster and fanatics.
  • Kurast Bazaar - Former trading district of Kurast. Rich area.
  • Sewers - A must in any larger city, and classical Diablo dungeoneering.
  • Upper Kurast - The finer living areas of Kurast. Rich people accomodations.
  • Kurast Causeway - A handy massive road within the city for quick access to Travincal.
  • Travincal - The holy city within the city. Compare it to the Vatican in Rome.

Notable Characters[edit]

  • Please fill out.

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