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Act III - The Infernal Gate - takes place in the deep jungles of Khejistan, and the hero needs not only saving what little is left of Kurast from being swallowed by an aggressive jungle, but also try to catch up with the Dark Wanderer and stop him from reaching Mephisto.


Kurast Docks, a very small part of Kurast.
Ormus, the magician.

The hero arrives in Kurast Docks, one part of Kurast that has not yet succumbed to the magically malevolent jungle, trying to swallow the whole city. Our protagonist arrives on a boat with Meshif, who is totally shattered when he see what has happened to his homeland, asking the player to save the city from the Jungle-plague.

The hero sets out to save the city and stop Diablo, but the magical seals that protect the docks from the Jungle begins to weaken and the player is asked to recover a sacred Skatsimi Blade, the Gidbinn.

The powerful Sorcerer (and slightly mad) Ormus manage to use the blade to recast the seal and save the town.

Continuing towards the original plan for traveling to Kurast, to stop the Dark Wanderer, the player seeks relics of the former Que-Hegan, Khalim, in order to create an artefact known as Khalim's Will that will be able to destroy the Compelling Orb preventing entry to Mephisto's domain, as well as corrupting the Zakarum priesthood.

Town alchemist, Alkor contacts the hero, explaining he could possibly foresee the future of this demonic invasion if he can get the Black Book Lam Esen's Tome. When the player finds this, Alkor can reveal the Jungle Plague's source comes from the Burning Hells, primarily from Mephisto.

With the flail Khalim's Will, the player sets out to destroy the High Council of Zakarum at Travincal, using Khalim's Will to destroy the Compelling Orb and find Mephisto's secret lair.

Then Ormus intervenes and gives the player the quest to destroy the High Council of Zakarum at Travincal. During the course of the quest, the player uses Khalim's Will to destroy the Compelling Orb and reveal Mephisto's secret lair.

The Lord of Hatred himself is then confronted in an epic battle that frees the people of Kurast from the Jungle and allows the player to enter the Burning Hells.


The third Act is not really as long as it seems, with 21 different levels it's just the layout of the jungle tileset wilderness, together with some quite annoying monsters that makes you feel like it takes forEVER. There are fewer additional levels to dungeons here compared other Acts, only 6, and near enough all surface areas have a waypoint.

Most players try to skip Act II or at least as much of it as possible through a boosting.


Most of the Act III NPCs are found in what remains of the Kurast Docks. The Dark Wanderer can be seen leaving for Travincal when exiting the Docks for the first time. No other NPCs exist outside the city, bar superunique monsters.


Quests-a3-q1.gif Quests-a3-q2.gif Quests-a3-q3.gif
Quests-a3-q4.gif Quests-a3-q5.gif Quests-a3-q6.gif

  1. The Golden Bird
  2. Blade of the Old Religion
  3. Khalim's Will
  4. Lam Esen's Tome
  5. The Blackened Temple
  6. The Guardian

As with all Acts, almost all quests in Act III directly relates to the story line of the game. Only The Golden Bird and Blade of the Old Religion does not. Although, storywise you might say that if you did not complete the latter, Kurast Docks would be overrun by the jungle, and you would have failed.

Even though they (almost) all relate to the story, many are still optional. Especially if you have someone who can give you the waypoints to teleport and skip the Khalim's Will quest.

In either way, the quests of Act III are some of the most confusing and annoying ones in the game, and in the end it's all for nothing, as Diablo runs away in his new, red suit of a body.