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Kurast Docks is but a small part of the greater city of Kurast, located near the coast, on the periphery of the city limits. It's one of few places that have not been overrun by corrupted Zakarum zealots or the magic Jungle Plague. It's the town level of Act III.


Overlay of Kurast Docks.
Kurast Docks stash.

It's a jungle themed area, with rotting docks, tepid swamp water, and crumbling stone ziggurats. The NPCs are spread out more in Kurast Docks than the other towns, due to the layout of the stone platforms and the piers that connect them.

The docks of greater Kurast were never the main hub, other than for some trading and to load/unload wares. Kurast itself was the second largest city in all of Khejistan before the demonic invasion by the Dark Wanderer's entourage and the other Prime Evils. Kurast used to be a great sprawling city located in the jungles' western coast.

Shortly before the events of Diablo II, Kurast was made the capital of Kehjistan, which previously was Caldeum.

The city was attacked in three ways:

  • The Jungle Plague that made the jungle grow and "act" in unnatural ways, including corrupting and twisting the local fauna to become dangerous, or more dangerous.
  • Mephisto corrupted many Zakarum priests using the Compelling Orb, and possession of Sankekur's mind and soul. He made himself head of the Zakarum church by ordering controlled priests to kill the current Que-Hegan, Khalim, who was impossible to corrupt.
  • Demons from Hell arrived as well.

The Docks were protected by magical spells stopping the jungle, and demonical creatures from invading it, but there's only a small bit left of it. Native trader Meshifis totally shattered when he see what has happened to his homeland, asking the player to save the city from the Jungle Plague.

Diablo II Story[edit]

Ormus, the weird Sorcerer.

The player arrives to this almost completely ruined city and sets out not only to stop the Dark Wanderer, but also save Kurast, and one of the first things he does is helping the strange Sorcerer Ormus (who has some quite interesting lore information) securing the spells that keeps the jungle out.

Continuing towards the original plan for travelling to Kurast, to stop the Dark Wanderer, the player seeks relics of the former Que-Hegan, Khalim, in order to create an artefact known as Khalim's Will that will be able to destroy the Compelling Orb preventing entry to Mephisto's domain, as well as corrupting the Zakarum priesthood.

In the end, the hero kills the High Council and takes on Mephisto himself, continuing to the Pandemonium Fortress in Act IV.

Kurast Levels[edit]

Kurast is so big it is represented in multiple levels in Diablo II, even though other great cities like Lut Gholein instead has been shrunken to a small town-sized area. This is how it is presented in D2:

  • Kurast Docks - Separated from the main town, by the great river that runs out to the Twin Seas.
  • Lower Kurast - Outer sprawl of the city. Overrun by jungle, monster and fanatics.
  • Kurast Bazaar - Former trading district of Kurast. Rich area.
  • Sewers - A must in any larger city, and classical Diablo dungeoneering.
  • Upper Kurast - The finer living areas of Kurast. Rich people accomodations.
  • Kurast Causeway - A handy massive road within the city for quick access to Travincal.
  • Travincal - The holy city within the city. Compare it to the Vatican in Rome.

Notable Characters[edit]

The Dark Wanderer outside of Kurast Docks.

Kurast Docks is full of a variety of NPCs that contribute with varying levels of helpfulness.


Spider Forest waypoint.

All towns contain a Waypoint for quick access to other areas with an activated node. The Waypoint of Kurast Docks is located on the central island, to the right.

Waypoint Destinations:

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These are the six quests in Kurast Docks:

  1. The Golden Bird
  2. Blade of the Old Religion
  3. Khalim's Will
  4. Lam Esen's Tome
  5. The Blackened Temple
  6. The Guardian