Black Marsh

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The Black Marsh is a wilderness area in Act I, where the Forgotten Tower can be found.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Wilderness Act I.jpg
Black Marsh
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl 6 38 69
Carver, Carver Shaman, Blood Hawk, Blood Hawk Nest, Vile Archer, Night Clan, Returned, Brute
4 4 4
Yes Yes Yes
No No No
Gold-chest No
Waypoint Yes
Dark Wood, The Hole, Forgotten Tower, Tamoe Highland
Quests The Forgotten Tower (entrance)

Here, things a a little less frantic compared to the Dark Wood due to there being less obstacles (trees) and more open space. Monsters from here on also begin to get a little stronger as well. In the Black Marsh you will find the ruined walls of the Forgotten Tower. The tower itself is gone, but the entrance to its deep cellar remains. Another cave sub-level and a junction to the Tamoe Highland are also found within the marsh.

The tower's cellar is the biggest crypt-style area in the game (especially in hell difficulty) due to containing five levels. Explore the depths of the tower cellar in order to complete the fourth quest of Act I: The Forgotten Tower.

Level Information[edit]

  • Monster levels are usually always equal to the area level with exception to uniques (mlvl +3) and champions (mlvl +2).
  • A group of Carver and Carver Shamen always spawn in a "carver camp" in this area. They spawn as a special monster variant in this case.
  • Carvers and Carver Shamen can also spawn as a normal monster variant in this area.
Entrance to The Hole.


  • None.