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The Canyon of the Magi is found through the Arcane Sanctuary in Act II, and has seven tombs in the mountainsides on the northern faces of the map. One of these is the right one.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Canyon of the Magi.jpg
Canyon of the Magi
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl 16 48 79
Hell Cat, Hell Slinger, Devourer, Devourer Egg, Devourer Young, Steel Scarab, Crusher
5 5 5
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Gold-chest Fill out
Waypoint Yes
Arcane Sanctuary, (6 random tombs), Tal Rasha's Tomb
Quests The Seven Tombs

Canyon of the Magi is an isolated region of the Aranoch desert, reached only through the Arcane Sanctuary. Urns and chests as well as broken statues and skeletons litter the ground. In the Canyon of the Magi are the entrances to 7 tombs one of which is the true Tomb of Tal Rasha. The others serve as decoys.

The correct one, for those who won't use their quest log for help, is the 7th and missing symbol from the 6 found in the Arcane Sanctuary, where you killed The Summoner.

This desert tileset wilderness map is unusually hard in terms of amount of enemies and how tough they are. Do watch out here, especially if you are being boosted. Don't walk away from the waypoint if you can help it.

Canyon of the Magi layout.jpg

The seven tomb entrances and the Canyon are always the same layout, as you can see in the illustration. From left to right they are Circle, Crescent, Square, Broken Box, Double-V, Triangle, Circle-Crescent. You can memorize them or draw a little map, and when you get to the Canyon after doing the Summoner and learning which is the correct tomb, you can check your map and go right to the entrance. Quicker than roaming around the perimeter of the Canyon, though many people like to clear it all out for the experience anyway.

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