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All base one-handed weapons have the same swing speed in Diablo and Hellfire.

Blunt weapons deal 50% damage to Animals, 100% damage to Demons, and 150% damage to Undead. This is factored in after all other damage calculations, and makes it so that a blunt weapon effectively does 3x more damage to an undead than would a sword of comparable damage. It's recommended that characters use some sort of club against skeletons and zombies, especially low level characters. By the same token, it's wise to switch to a sword when animals are the enemy, such as during most of the Caves levels. See the Diablo Monsters page for a listing of all monsters by type.

Blunts aren't often used outside of the Church and Catacombs, since there are lots of animals and very few undead found in the Caves or Hell (or the Hive or Crypt, in Hellfire), and since the highest damage one handed swords do much more damage than the best one handed blunts.

Blunt Type

Image Damage Average Durability Requirements Price Qlvl
Club D1-blunt-club.gif 1 - 6 3.5 20 - 20 1
Spiked Club D1-blunt-spikedclub.gif 3 - 6 4.5 20 18 Str 225 4
Mace D1-blunt-mace.gif 1 - 8 4.5 32 16 Str 200 2
Morning Star D1-blunt-morningstar.gif 1 - 10 5.5 40 26 Str 300 3
Flail D1-blunt-flail.gif 2 - 12 7 36 30 Str 500 7
War Hammer D1-blunt-warhammer.gif 5 - 9 7 50 40 Str 600 5
(Two-Handed) *
D1-blunt-maul.gif 6 - 20 13 50 55 Str 900 10
  • *The Barbarian can use the Maul one-handed. It is two-handed for all other characters.

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