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Unique items are special items found from monsters or given as quest rewards (in single player). There is only one unique of each item type (with a few exceptions, mostly jewelry) in Diablo and Hellfire, and each unique has gold lettering, an individual name, and preset, non-random stats (with a very slight exceptions). Unique items can have up to 6 properties (magical can have only 2), and uniques can have special properties, or properties not found in the usual prefixes/suffixes for that item type.

Unique Items Pages[edit]

There are no unique item types found in Hellfire that are not found in Diablo, so all of the uniques are listed on the same pages, with the Diablo-only uniques on top. Most of the uniques in the game were originally implemented in Diablo. Hellfire did not add very many uniques, mostly jewelry. All of the uniques in Diablo can be found, unchanged, in Hellfire.

The following pages list all the unique items in Diablo and Hellfire.

Unique Quest Items[edit]

Half a dozen uniques of various types are found during quests or given as quest rewards in single player. None of these items can be found in multiplayer Diablo or Hellfire (with the exception of Auric's Amulet). Quests that give unique items in single player; The Skeleton King and The Butcher; give random magical items in multiplayer.

Unique Item Generation[edit]

Unique items have a quality level which is largely based on the item type. Monsters must have an Mlvl high enough to drop an item of the unique's Qlvl to spawn that unique. This isn't much of a problem in Diablo or Hellfire, since most uniques have fairly modest Qlvls. It becomes a problem because which unique item is generated is based on the monster's Qlvl, and due to poor coding this makes a number of uniques almost or completely impossible to find.

Unfindable Unique Items[edit]

The following items can not ever be found in multiplayer. Some of them can be found in singleplayer, but only if you find more than one unique of the same item type. The problem is that when there is more than one unique of the same item type and Qlvl, the game will always pick the same one to drop. In singleplayer the same unique will never drop twice in the same game, so in SP it's possible to find some of these, but only if you find the usual unique item of that type first. Needless to say, the odds of this are very poor.

The following uniques can not be found in Diablo or Hellfire multiplayer.

  • Bramble (ring)
  • Crackrust (mace)
  • The Deflector (buckler)
  • Gonnagal’s Dirk (dagger)
  • Lightforge (mace) -- Can be found in Single Player, but it will morph in a new game.
  • The Mangler (large axe)

The following Uniques can not be found in Hellfire multiplayer.

  • Armor of Gloom (full plate mail)
  • Demonspike Coat (full plate mail)
  • The Grizzly (two-handed sword)
  • Giant’s Knuckle (ring)
  • Inferno (long sword)
  • Karik’s Ring (ring)
  • Mercurial Ring (ring)
  • Ring of Magma (ring)
  • Ring of the Mystics (ring)
  • Xorine’s Ring (ring)

Unfindable Unique Sequences[edit]

The following are uniques where more than one of the same type and qlvl exist. In these cases the first one listed will always drop first in a game, and that's the only one findable in multiplayer. In single player the others can be found, but only if more than one unique of that type drops in the same game.

Full Plate Mail
Qlvl: 25

  1. Demon Plate Armor
  2. Armor of Gloom
  3. Demonspike Coat

Qlvl: 1

  1. Civerb’s Cudgel
  2. Crackrust
  3. Lightforge

Rings Qlvl: 8

  1. Ring of Thunder
  2. Ring of the Mystics
  3. Ring of Magma
  4. Karik’s Ring
  5. Xorine’s Ring
  6. Mercurial Ring
  7. Giant’s Knuckle