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Runes are trap-like objects that can only be found in the Hellfire expansion. Runes are dropped by chests and monsters and randomly sold by Adria the Witch. They deal Fire or Lighting damage, or cast a Stone Curse, on monsters that walk over the activated rune. They're an interesting concept, but aren't powerful enough to be of any real use after the early portions of the game.

The easiest way to use a rune is to place it in your belt. Click 1-8 to trigger it, and your cursor will become a pointer. Wherever you point on the dungeon floor, within the line of sight, will place the rune. The next monster or player to walk over the rune will trigger it, and the appropriate spell will cast from the spot of the rune.

Runes can also be cast directly on a monster's current location, and will detonate at once.

The damage/duration from rune effects is determined by the player's level. They become more damaging for higher level characters (as is the case with almost everything in Diablo/Hellfire). Of course higher level characters have less and less use for Runes...

Rune of Fire[edit]

  • Effect: Casts Fireball.
  • Requirement: None.
  • Qlvl: 1
  • Cost: 100 gold

Rune of Lightning[edit]

  • Effect: Casts Lightning Wall
  • Requirement: 13 magic
  • Qlvl: 3
  • Cost: 200 gold

Greater Rune of Fire[edit]

  • Effect: Casts Immolation
  • Requirement: 42 magic
  • Qlvl: 7
  • Cost: 400 gold

Greater Rune of Lightning[edit]

  • Effect: Casts Nova
  • Requirement: 42 magic
  • Qlvl: 7
  • Cost: 500 gold

Rune of Stone[edit]

  • Effect: Casts Stone Curse
  • Requirement: 25 magic
  • Qlvl: 7
  • Cost: 300 gold