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Ob/Zod near perfect roll.

Unique Rings and Unique Amulets in Diablo 1 and Hellfire.

Unique jewelry in Diablo isn't very good, compared to the better rolls on magical jewelry. Uniques are mostly worn by low level characters, or for some special purposes. Several of the rings and amulets are only found in Single Player, where they are granted as the reward for various quests.

Due to a bug, it's almost impossible to find multiple Unique items of the same type (such as rings) in Diablo I or Hellfire. When the game rolls a Unique Ring/Amulet, it will always choose the same one to drop first. Thus every Unique Ring in a Diablo 1 multiplayer game will be the Ring of Engagement. Only in Single Player is it possible to find the 2nd, 3rd, etc rings, and only if one unique ring (or two, or three) has already dropped in that game.

Magical rings with good stats are better than any of the Unique Rings, especially for end game characters.

  • The infamous Ob/Zod or Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac is not a unique ring. It's just a magical item with "Obsidian" (+30-40 All Res) for the prefix and "of the Zodiac" (+16-20 to all Stats) for the suffix.

Diablo Unique Amulets[edit]

Image Name Properties
D1-u-optic-amulet.gif Optic Amulet

+20% to Light Radius
+20% Resist Lightning
-1 Damage from Enemies
+5 to Magic
Qlvl: N/A

Diablo Unique Rings[edit]

Image Name Properties
D1-u-ring-bramble.gif Bramble

-2 to all Attributes
+10 Mana
+3 Damage
Qlvl: 1

D1-u-ring-constricting.gif Constricting Ring

+75% Resist All
-1.25 hps/second
Qlvl: 5

D1-u-empyrean-band.gif Empyrean Band

+2 to all Attributes
+20% Light Radius
Fast Hit Recovery
Absorbs Half of Trap Damage
Qlvl: N/A

D1-u-ring-engagement.gif Ring of Engagement

-1 or -2 Damage from Enemies
1-3 damage to attacker
+5 to Armor Class
Damages Target's Armor*
Qlvl: 11

D1-u-ring-regha.gif Ring of Regha

+10 to Magic
+10% Resist Magic
+10% Light Radius
-3 Strength
-3 Dexterity
Qlvl: 1

D1-u-ring-truth.gif Ring of Truth

+10 Hitpoints
-1 Damage from Enemies
+10% Resist All
Qlvl: N/A

D1-u-ring-bleeder.gif The Bleeder

+20% Resist Magic
+30 Mana
-10 Hitpoints
Qlvl: 2

Hellfire Unique Amulets[edit]

All the uniques found in Diablo can also be found in Hellfire. These are uniques that can only be found in Hellfire.

Auric Amulet[edit]


This item is given by Lester the Farmer as a reward for the Farmer's Orchard quest. When equipped, it allows up to 10,000 gold (5000 is the max in Diablo) to be carried in each inventory space.

Item: Auric Amulet
Qlvl: N/A
Availability: SP and MP, Hellfire only.

  • Enables up to 10,000 gold per inventory space.

Acolyte's Amulet[edit]


This amulet seems amazing, but it turns out to be largely a novelty. A Sorcerer would easily bump 450 or 500 points to his health, but since he benefits so much more from Mana Shield, it's not clear why he would want to. Barbarians and Warriors, who could use the added hit points, don't generally have enough mana to make this item viable. Rogues and Monks and Bards can gain 150 or more life, but will cripple their spell casting in the process.

Item: Acolyte's Amulet
Qlvl: 10
Availability: SP and MP. Hellfire only.

  • 50% of base mana transferred to Health

Amulet of Warding[edit]


A very poor man's Obsidian amulet.

Item: Amulet of Warding
Qlvl: 12
Availability: SP and MP. Hellfire only.

  • +40% Resist all
  • -100 Health

Hellfire Unique Rings[edit]

All the uniques found in Diablo can also be found in Hellfire. These are uniques that can only be found in Hellfire. Most of these rings are unfindable in multiplayer and almost unfindable in single player, due to a bug in the item generation routine. See the Uniques main page for more details.

Gladiator's Ring[edit]


The converse of the Acolyte's Amulet, and about as useful. Can be helpful to mixed build characters who wish to greatly increase their mana if they're going to play in spell casting mode, for instance.

Item: Gladiator's Ring
Qlvl: 10
Availability: SP and MP. Hellfire only.

  • 40% of base life transferred to Mana

Ring of Mystics[edit]


When magic resistance is a must, and fire/lightning are irrelevant. An all witch level, for instance.

Item: Ring of Mystics
Qlvl: 8
Availability: SP and MP. Hellfire only.

  • +60% Magic Resistance
  • -30% Fire Resistance
  • -30% Lightning Resistance

Ring of Thunder[edit]


When lightning resistance is a must, and fire/magic are irrelevant. Since lightning is so much less damaging in Diablo and Hellfire, it's hard to see many situations when this would be necessary. Levels with lightning mages and melee attackers, perhaps.

Item: Ring of Thunder
Qlvl: 8
Availability: SP and MP. Hellfire only.

  • +60% Lightning Resistance
  • -30% Fire Resistance
  • -30% Magic Resistance

Giant's Knuckle[edit]


When strength is the answer. Can be useful to melee characters who have enough to/hit that they won't miss the 30 dexterity.

Item: Giant's Knuckle
Qlvl: 8
Availability: SP and MP. Hellfire only.

  • +60 Strength
  • -30 Dexterity

Karik's Ring[edit]


Good for a huge hit points bonus, especially for Warriors and Barbarians, who gain more hit points per magic point than the other classes.

Item: Karik's Ring
Qlvl: 8
Availability: SP and MP. Hellfire only.

  • +60 Vitality
  • -30 Magic

Ring of Magma[edit]


When fire resistance is a must and magic/lightning are irrelevant. Level 16, for instance.

Item: Ring of Magma
Qlvl: 8
Availability: SP and MP. Hellfire only.

  • +60% Fire Resistance
  • -30% Lightning Resistance
  • -30% Magic Resistance

Mercurial Ring[edit]


Good for a huge boost of to/hit and armor class. The loss of strength will cost all chars but the Rogue a lot of damage.

Item: Mercurial Ring
Qlvl: 8
Availability: SP and MP. Hellfire only.

  • +60 Dexterity
  • -30 Strength

Xorine's Ring[edit]


An exceptionally useful ring for every character but the Sorcerer, simply to boost magic levels to assist in spell book reading.

Item: Xorine's Ring
Qlvl: 8
Availability: SP and MP. Hellfire only.

  • +60 Magic
  • -30 Strength